I actually quite like red and pink together.

So, I have a lot happening over the next few days. I have lots of reading to do for University (I am picking my books up tomorrow.) I then have to get ready for my holiday, go to a School Experience Workshop on Saturday, See my friend Tasha at some point, walk my 26.2 mile marathon, possibly go to the Vintage fair near to where I live and finally, go the airport and get a plane on my own!

I have never flown alone. Ever. And I have to say I am quite anxious. I am lucky in some senses as I have flown a lot with various different people; family, friends, college etc. so I am far from a nervous or inexperienced flyer, but still. Lol… What to you do for 4 whole hours with no one to talk to? lol… I am taking 2, possibly 3 books, depending on what they weigh, so I suppose that will give me something to do! haha! I am also carrying my luggage on to save myself a further £30 – so I hope I have the right size/weight/shape case haha!

I am really looking forward to my marathon on Saturday, which is an odd thing to hear myself saying. I am far from a sporty person and normally hate anything to do with working out or exercising in general lol… But while training for it, I quite enjoyed myself. It gives you a chance to think about things and make lists in your head and listen to quite serious songs (I clicked on my slow songs playlist today but accident and quickly changed it over haha!) But, yeah, I have actually enjoyed the freedom of walking crazy fast and clearing my head. I won’t really have a lot of free time (because of University and everything) when I come home from holiday, so I am definitely going to make the most of it. I have been lucky enough to raise a whopping £329.00 with the help from my generous friends and family :) My target was only £300, but after recently finding out that £360 (I think :/) Could pay for a brand new microarray machine, that could detect Cancer genes in time to help someone with their treatment, that is my new aim…. so, I’m not too far off, I just need an extra push. If you haven’t already, please go to my sponsors page at the top and click on the link. Thankyou so much. I am so pleased with what I have raised so far, but if I could just get that extra £30, I would be over the moon.

Hmmmm, what else? I am currently listening to Snow Patrol’s ‘Up to Now’ album and I have to say I am actually quite enjoying it. Haha! I love the song ‘Set the fire to the third bar’ so I imported the album with that on onto my iTunes and what do you know? It’s actually really good, and really relaxing for doing University work to in the background. haha!

Anyway, I am off to do some more phonics work – which is always fun! haha! I don’t really know when I will get a chance to write to you guys again :/ but I will try to re-post something on Sunday :)

Peace and love, Polly-May xxx


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