So, thank you.

So, after counting up all of my sponsorship money (I have almost collected all of it in now) and working it all out. I managed to raise a whopping £353.50!!!! Which I am so proud of. I know that the money will go on to help those in need and those that are struggling every single day. Me struggling for one night of tiredness and generally aching doesn’t even seem to be important when you think of what they are going through. So, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone to sponsored me and help me to raise such an incredible amount, that really make a difference to people lives. So, thank you.

H&M have got the most amazing sale on at the moment. I managed to pick up an absolute bargain of a skirt, originally £19.99 down to just £3!! It’s quite like a maxi skirt, black, sheer chiffon and it has a old zip running up the back. Absolutely perfect for song, just need one or two tweeks to make it a bit funkier :) I also picked up a joined top/skirt thing in primark for just a £5! Get looking before we are all taken over by winterness! haha!

I also saw my lovely friends, Tasha and Bam this week. I love that I am seeing more of them both now and I am so excited that they are getting married next Autumn :) hee hee! AND I’M GOING TO BE BRIDESMAID! :) I always have such fun when we meet up and so much had happened since I last saw them…. (marathon, me to Turkey, them to NYC, I’ve started in my school and they’ve both started new jobs.)

Then, on Wednesday night, I went to my first ever Zumba class! It was so good, I actually really enjoyed the dancing bit of it and think I will go again, but it took me a little while to get over the embarrassing feeling silly bit lol… it was all so quick, like the pace of the moves but I honestly did enjoy it, it just wasn’t as crazy good as I thought it would be. It has been hyped up quite a lot and I thought it would be more crazy than it was. I then heard a song that was a ‘Turkey song’ to me during the class and spent 2 hours of my Thursday night trying to find it on youtube, so here it is…. haha! (At the end of this post.)

I have am feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do this week, I have to say, when my university said they were upping my amount of reading, I understood that it was happening, but oh my god! It’s crazy. I have been spending all day at uni or school and then all night reading. :( Goodbye social life.

After a very long umming and ahhing session, I decided to buy Adele’s 21 album. (Well, technically my Dad bought it because he heard ‘Rumour has it’ on the radio, but now I’ve stolen it! haha!) And it actually is quite good. I do wish a little bit that she would cheer up a little in her songs, but I suppose that’s part of her appeal to people and her style of music haha! But, it is alright, just not very dance-y for me.

I am loving doing a weekly post and think it’s going to work a lot better for the next few weeks as I am so busy and what not. Anyway have a fabulous weekend everyone! Whatever you’re doing! :)

Peace and love, Polly-May xxx


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