Life’s too short for ugly shoes…. fact.

Well, here we go. Take 2.

I did type this blog for you all last night, but for whatever reason, it completely disappeared. I am not trusting word press anymore, and going to copy and paste all blogs in from now on. Not impressed…

This week I have been so busy with school stuff, but it is going really well. I am genuinely happy and it can only be because it’s going so well. I actually think I might be able to do this teaching malachy after all – I had my doubts. It is so strange how one thing can change your mind about how you look at stuff and how you feel about things. I actually don’t mind getting up in the morning – but man, it is tiring! Haha!

I am so excited for Xmas, I seriously can’t wait to relax and see my friends and give out presents and generally see all the people that are important. Xmas Day is, of course, a bit boring, but all the bits around it certainly aren’t! Haha! I haven’t got that much on my list this year, but it’s all nice little bits and bobs that I have wanted for a little while, so hopefully, Santa will think I’ve been good this year haha! :P

So, I’m going to try and find some bits and bobs that you might want to add to your Xmas list. So this week’s crazy find are these heel condoms. They are amazing. I love the black feather one and the one that kinda wraps round and does up in a bow. Lovely. All you need to buy is a simple pair of heels and you could make them look completely difference every time you wear them! I really think they’re amazing! Such a shame about the name though – I mean, when you think of sparkle and pretty shoes do you think heel condom sounds as pretty? Haha!

This week Beyonce’s album ‘4’ is still on repeat in my car; however Ed Sheeran’s lego house isn’t far behind. It’s such a pretty song and with Ron Weasley in the video, what is there not to like? Haha! Rihanna and Nicki Minaj’s duet, Fly is brilliant too! Completely different styles, but equally fabulous! J This week I have gone slightly Bruno Mars mad and been playing his songs like crazy! Anyone know if he’s album is any good? Is there any point if I have all of them already? Haha!

I bought some Aussie 3 minute miracle and I was absolutely amazed! It was so good! I left it on for around 20 minutes, but it has made such a difference. I have got quite knotty and strangle hair but it is so soft and smooth – I love it! Go and buy some and see the difference! It is fricking awesome stuff! (Something for the stocking filler? Haha!) I also really want to learn to plait my hair like this >>> I fricking love it! :)

I really want to tone up a little bit before Xmas. Do any of you know any good exercises I can do at home for free and that are fairly quick? Let me know :)

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


2 thoughts on “Life’s too short for ugly shoes…. fact.

  1. I think the website is – it’s got loads and loads of workouts on it, with videos and stuff :) And to do that plait, its a french braid but going across instead of down, if that makes sense? The bottom part is just a normal plait wrapped around the rest of the hair :) Hope that helps!? xx

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