“Exciting stuff indeed….”

This weeks blog is extremely late indeed. I apologise for this. I am super busy and just didnt have time over the weekend to do, but here I am and it’s almost December. Can you beleive it? I certainly can’t it’s just crazy to think its almost 2012 already. It seemed so far away when we got the olypmics, but here it is! haha!

So, my Sister was lucky enough to get 4, (yes 4!) tickets for Florence + the machine’s tour! I am so excited! It’s at the 02 arena in London, and other than my marathon, the last time I last there was for the Stones! haha! Exciting stuff indeed. This week I have also downloaded Rihanna’s new album, ‘Talk that talk’ and it is actually quite good. I love her new track featuring Drake called ‘Take car’. It’s so good, and lucky enough Florence did a recent copy of it on Radio 1 (Video to follow) so both my music bits and bobs this week have been combined :)

School is still going well, I can’t beleive that I finish next week. I am actually going to really miss the children, and the teachers and the entire school for that matter. It is a hell of a lot of work, but I am making my way through it and trying my best to try and keep up with everything, so I suppose I can’t do more than that :)

The big bang theory has taken over all my spare time (which isn’t a awful lot) I absolute love Sheldon. He isactually hilarious! haha! I would love to have a friend like him! It is all so funny and on at the perfect time when I am doing planning so I can have it on in the background. Continuing the theme on TV, it was the last ‘Made In Chelsea’ this week, and I can honnestly say that I don’t know what I am going to be doing with my Monday evenings now. I am going to have to find something to do now…. lol… I am seriously going to miss my Spencer fix. :(

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to get planning. I am going to try and make my christams pressies as cute as ;ossible this year. Pop to your local craft shop and buy some tags, bags, stamps, felt etc. and see how you can decorate them and make them all pretty and gorgeous. There’s nothing better than giving a completely unique wrapped pressie! :) It’ll look fab under the tree! :)

I have gone jumper crazy! With the winter well and truly here (Yesterday morning, my car told me it was 1 degree!) we need to get some funky jumpers and snoods and scarfs etc. New Look has got some really fantastic bits in at the moment, and they are so reasonably priced its crazy! I bought a lovely peach and glitter jumper with a matching snood for just £12! It was originally £20 and had 30% off and then 10% off for students, so it was an absolute bargain! :) Haha! Get yourself in there and have a look :)

Money can be tight at this time of year. Please if you do get all your loved ones pressies and you reckon you have saved a little on what you was going to spend. Give that extra money to a charity and make someone’s christmas something special this year. It’ll make the world of difference, and if everyone gave just a little amount, it’ll make the world of difference.

Well, it’s a little short this blog, but I hope you enjoyed it and I just wanted to check in.

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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