“And I have the blisters to prove it!”

So, this week I have been busy busy busy! Yet again! I have had a fantastic week at school and really am going to miss being a teacher there. I can’t wait to teach more next week, but it is scary to think that I won’t be teaching again until 2013! :/ Haha!

I have finished my book, ‘The lost art of keeping secrets’ and although I have had placement, I managed to read a bit of it every single night! Go me! I do really feel the difference since reading more. Like my vocabulary in my writing and stuff has really improved. It was really good and as it was based in the 1950’s and based around the idea of romance, dinners and 1950’s music, it was totally me! Haha! It was also a bit of a sloshy read, and of course it was perfect, especially for this time of year! I think it as one of the best books this year and I was thrilled with how it ended, not that I wanted to ruin it for anyone; I just think it was a fantastic ending haha! Penelope and Charlotte made the perfect main characters and I love a ‘not-norm’ boy character, so Harry was so readable that I couldn’t put it down! J

I went out to Chicago’s for someone’s birthday at the weekend. The music was pretty awful, (minus the sudden urge of black dance music! Haha!)  but the night was quite good. And I have the blisters to prove it!

As I already said, this week is my last week at school, but I am going to see the Marilyn film, finally on Wednesday night  Then it’s Winter Wonderland and Xmas times to come! I cannot wait for the Christmas break from Uni, I always try to squash in as much as possible so that I see everyone that is important to me. Good times.

I have found another amazing tune for this week. As I mentioned last week, I am going to see Florence and the Machine for theit tour in the New Year and after finding their cover of Drake’s Take Care feat. Rihanna, I have downloaded their new album. I also found another holiday tune ‘Cameo – Candy’ it’s a true 80’s tune, but so good, it’s my new repeat button for this week! haha! And you can do the cupid’s shuffle to it, if you fancy haha!

I am so tired, so it’s only a short one this week, I hope you have enjoyed the quick catch up and I promise it’ll be back to normal very soon :)

And now to sleep….

Peace and love, Polly-May xx



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