“…and really hope that 2012 is just as good!”


So, so far this week, I have been super busy! I went to the London Transport Museum on Monday with some of the Uni people, and it was so much fun! We got in for FREE! And we had a meeting with the School Co-ordinator lady, which was lovely and it was actually really interesting, and I now know loads about London Transport! Haha! Then we went to Maxwell’s and all had Dinner and cocktails… it was so nice and lovely to spend some time with Uni people too!

Then, Tuesday, was pretty uneventful, however, I did have to sit in the car for 4 hours, completely stand still and not moving at all! I missed my Uni appointment and was generally pretty bored, however, once I got off of the motorway, I went to Lakeside for a bit and found the most gorgeous outfit! I don’t actually own a short playsuit, but this one is so cute and girly; all lace and with a peter pan collar! I love it!

Then I went Spencer hunting with Miss Briony! It was soooo good, unfortunately, we didn’t see Spencer, but we did go all along Kings Road (feeling very Chelsea in my mustard coat and carrying a Starbucks hot chocolate cup!) and then we went to convert garden – where we went round the market and shops, china town – where we ate, Leicester square – where we went in the new M&M’s shop, then we walked all the way down to Oxford Street – ducking in shops from the rain, then Carnaby Street and Kingly Court – I found the nicest dress but it was rather pricey, then it was Topshop and down to Marble Arch, where we had a drink and then Megs came and met us and we went to Winter Wonderland and wondered round, watching people full over on the ice skating rink and drinking mulled wine that made me pull ugly faces. Haha! It was such a good day. I bought a lovely Vintage jacket in Rockit, which was in the sale – BONUS! Haha! And a tube skirt from H&M, some hair flower clip things, a green bracelet and generally bits and bobs. My xmas shopping is all finished now – I must stop and not buy anymore! Haha! It was a really lovely day and I think that it should definitely become something of a routine that we go up there more often. (Can’t believe I’ve been to Winter Wonderland twice in 6 days – but it’s so festive, I love it! Haha!)

Then I went to see my Class’ nativity play – which was so good. The children were so cute and really pleased to see me! It was lovely seeing them again, but kinda sad that I have properly finished now… think I’ll have to pop in and see them after Christmas lol! Then it was off to Uni for my signing off meeting – which couldn’t have gone better. I had a massive chat with my Link Tutor and she said that I had done really well and that she was overwhelmed with my progress since last year, so a really good meeting indeed! Haha!

Some tunes this week that I’ve been listening to are: Beyonce – Why don’t you love me? Tinie Tempah – Till I’m gone, Amy Winehouse – Our day will come, and of course, all the Christmas ones that I can fit in! haha! I am well and truly in the Christmassy spirit now! I have had such a good year this year, and really hope that 2012 is just as good!

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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