“… there is quite a lot of beauty, if you just look for it…”

So, I am super ill today. It’s 13:04 and I have just got up! Haha! I am absolutely starving and really fancy some sort of crappy food (i.e. McDonalds) haha! I might have to go and get some later on, I hate being ill… but anyway… as I briefly mentioned my last post was my 250th! I can’t actually believe it! Haha! I do love this blog though, it seems to get all my feelings out and makes me stay a bit sane haha!

I am in a bit of a strange mood today, I feel like I should be doing something (as it’s my first day off in weeks!) Maybe I could start an Essay? Lol…. Can’t hurt can it? I really do want to improve my Uni work this year and get much better grades than last year. I am going to try and write it in a way that they want to read it! Getting close to the new year, I have also decided that I am going to start saving lots next year. I want to save for ‘holidays’ in general, so that, if I want to go on a last minute holiday, it’s there to go with! I haven’t thought of all my New Years Resolutions at the moment, and I will properly need to move some over from this year that I haven’t done yet :/ Ooops!

I completely forgot to mention about X factor in yesterday’s post. I have to say I think that both finalists killed Damien Rice’s Cannonball, and I definitely wouldn’t have given either of them that song for Xmas, they need a dancey fun tune! Why do they always release such depressing songs? But I still think that Marcus was the better performer out of the two! Unfortunately it wasn’t Marcus’ turn, but of course he will still have music out and no doubt, become more successful than the winners; Little Mix.

I have found the most beautiful song by Beyonce. It is called ‘Flaws and all’ and I’m not sure if it is very well known, but I had never heard it before. It has such lovely words and is a really slow and beautiful song… Check it out! (On a bit of a side note: I am starting to think there is quite a lot of beauty, if you just look for it… :))

I am going to head off back to bed now :( Hate being ill with a passion! :( I hope you all have a fabulous Friday :)

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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