The christmas spirit has finally arrived! haha!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! We have had our first batch of snow!!!!! unfortunately it rained and melted pretty instantly, but it was still here! haha!

So, I have had a pretty good christmas week so far. I went to covent garden yesterday with my friend, Joana. I haven’t seen her in a ridiculously long time and we had a lovely day. We wondered around the market and had lunch and a few cocktails and swapped xmas pressies (Thankyou by the way :)) and then wondered along in the freezing cold and the rain to tottenham court road :) It was such a lovely day and I really do wish that we saw more of each other; but it was such a good day!

Then, today I had the BEST day! I busted out of the onesie for my pj’s last night and had the nest night’s sleep. I completely forgot how amazing it was lol… I clearly loved the human sized babygrow! lol… like heaven in a fleecey form :) haha! Then, I sat and watched ‘The Grinch’. I can honestly say that I am in such a xmassy mood after watching that! I just love the build up to the day, which ends up you and your family sitting not doing an awful lot at all! haha! Then, I went to Bluewater to meet Hannah and swap presents, which was lovely. She got me a lovely gifts and again a big thankyou. I am so lucky :) We went for some late lunch and then had a wonder around the shops, which was lovely. :)

I haven’t got a clue what to do for NYE. Obviously I don’t want to be sitting indoors and looking at the walls, but I have no idea where to go :/ I have already bought my outfit, so want to show it off :) haha! Any suggestions?

It is officially the christmas film time! The holiday, The Grinch, Four Christmases, Love Actually, Nativity…. the list goes on. lol… And if you can, watch as many as you can! I absolutely love christmas, just for the films :) I promise they will make you feel all xmassy and good! haha! I have bought the most lovely silver nail varnish. It’s by Barry M, and it’s from their instant effect range. They also do a gold version, as well as all the colours of their rainbow in their crackle range.  Although I love these nails (picture).

The made in chelsea special is on Thursday. The trailer looks amazing, but I really do hope that Spencer hasn’t got with Caggie. I would actually be devastated. It will be interesting to see the whole Rosie/Millie situation too! haha! I think I might like the show a little too much ;/ but oh well! haha!

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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