A few video finds….

So, here are some videos that I found earlier and thought I would share with you. Yes some of them are a little bit cheesey, but I love ’em. lol… I loved Mischa B when she was on X factor and hate the fact that because she was a brilliant singer, she got kicked off! Ricdiculous, isn’t that the point of these ‘talent’ programmes. Anyway, Jay Z and Beyonce had their baby earlier in the month and Jay Z released this song for just that reason. Featuring Blue Ivy on the track made her the youngest ever person to be in the charts at just 2 days old :) Then the last one is Cher Llyod. Yes I know not considered ‘cool’. But I actually don’t mind her music to be honest and this song is rather catchy (minus the child rapper – I don’t like that bit haha!) She also has a song called ‘Dub on the track’ out at the moment which is quite good too lol… I don’t care if you don’t agree haha! Anyway, here they are for you to have a little listen too… enjoy!

Peace and love, Polly-May xx



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