Late NYR (New Year Resolution)…

So, on my boring uneventful Saturday night, I decided to search the wonders of Weheartit (one of my favouite sites) and I found these lovely pictures for you guys. I knwo it’s kinda random, but I wanted to post and thought this would be fun. It also takes my mind off of the fact that Uni work is getting on top of me, and there’s nothing I can do. So here goes:

Tattoo: I think it looks soooooo pretty. Shame I don’t have that stomach. But I will. I’m determined. No more messing around now… This is it.

Pink hair: I don’t think I can even write how much I love this girl’s hair. It is AWESOME! And I absolutely love it! What I wouldn’t give to have it… do you think it would be easy to do?

Rings: I love big glitzy fun rings and I need to wear them as much as possible lol… I used to wear them all the time at college and when I started Uni, but I just kind of stopped :/ Naughty Polly-May.

And lastly, I was feeling a bit down, but found this picture and it made me smile.

I have decided that sitting indoors for the whole weekend stressing about Uni work was not the best idea. I am now more stressed than when I started and theres absolutely nothing I can do about it! So frustrating! next week I really need to knuckle down. I am determined to do better than last year, but it is difficult. Anyone that says Uni is a easy peasy thing, yes this may be true for first year, as I didn’t get too wonderful a grade, but still passed lol… but second year and no doubt third year are a completely different kettle of fish. I have no time to do anything right now. I feel like everything is getting on top of me. I suppose everyone I speak to is in the same boat, but I have to be organised and in control, and I’m not :/

Late NYR: I must get organised. Stop stressing. And look at things logically. (i.e. what I can and can’t do – don’t stress about things I can do absolutely nothing about.

Peace and love, Polly-May xx



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