“It really will pull at your heartstrings haha!”

For a few days with week, I went to stay with my Sister and her Fiance. I had a lovely time full of shopping and eating and watching films and cooking and trying risotta for the first time and generally just catching up. It was lovely to see them both and just make space in my head for a few days :) I’m so glad the snow held off for me to get there and get home, ready for the delights of work today haha!

My uni work is going really well. I have started my essay and, I think, it’s alright, but it is such hard work. There’s a lot more reading involved this year, and I am trying to support what I am saying a lot more, and I really want improve. So fingers crossed, all this hard work will pay off :)

So pictures of beyonce and Jay Z’s baby have finally been released to the press, and, well, us! haha! Blue Ivy is so adorable and such a mini Jay Z it is ureal. She is gorgeous. My favourite photogrpah has to be the one of Jay Z holding her and just grinning like mad in the bottom right hand box. He is just gleaming. I also kinda don’t understand how Beyonce still looks that incredible having given birth naturally just moments before the photograph was taken lol… She is so gorgeous and so precious. If you haven’t heard the song ‘Glory’ by Jay Z and featuring Blue Ivy (making her the youngest person in the world to ever be in the charts at 2 days old.) you must listen to it! :) It really will pull at your heartstrings haha!

I am still reading my Harry Potter and the goblet of fire book, and I am loving it. The thrid one is definitely my favourite so far, but it really does seem that everytime I finish one of the books, that is my new favourite! haha! I do need some smaller books for holiday (only becuase from the fourth Harry potter, they seem to get bigger and bigger.) I’ll be taking a library on holiday if I take all of them! haha!) so if anyone reading this has some amazing recommendations, of some fun books to read, please comment :) I’ll read pretty much anything, but I do love a bit of love, or just slosh in general. Oh, and anything with a bit of funny in it :) Just a good holiday read really.

On a completely opposite note, I awoke this morning to the sad news of Whiteny Houston. I do like her music and I know that she was an inspiration to a group of sooooo many people. I know her music will go on forever and ever, but it did get me thinking that all the proper legends are dying off. First Michael Jackson and now Whitney Houston. How’s going to be left?? It’s just really sad that she didn’t make more of her talent, but I suppose, in a way this was out of her control as she was struggling a drug addiction for many years of her life. Perscribed drugs were found in her room, but illegal drugs are yet to be linked to her sudden death.

Righteo, I am going to write a little bit more of my essay, read some Harry Potter and have a bit of a earlier night haha!

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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