“blog it up nice and early…”

So, it’s Saturday morning and I have woken up in the best  mood. I have lots and lots to do today, so I thought I would blog it up nice and early.

I cannot beleieve how quickly this week has gone! I went out with Briony on Wednesday, which was lovely. We were meant to go and see ‘The Vow’ which has Rachel McAdams from ‘The Notebook’ and Channing Tatum from ‘Dear John,’ but we ended up sitting and chatting for 4 hours! haha! We talked about all sorts and now I am officially excited for holiday. I mean, I was before, but now I actually cannot wait! :) I also popped to Lakeside and bought some lovely blouses :) One of which was only a fiver! Absolute bargain! haha! What do you think of them? Then last night, I went over to my Aunt and Uncle’s for dinner and a chat, twas nice. And I got to see my cousin’s children too, who are so sweet. Beau has these little moschi monster things that she collects and always shows me and Fraiser was so excited to ‘drive my car’ – he’s 2! haha!

Hustle was absolutely amazing! I have been watching for year now, and have one of the series’ on DVD. The last one was last night and, as I was out, I had to iplayer it this morning and OHMYGOSH! It was amazing! Wasn’t it? You have to go and watch it. Even if you don’t normally watch it, watch it. You will be amazed! I absolutely love Marc Warren and was so pleased that he came back into it :) I think they should so down some sort of one of special of when they all went off their seperate ways lol… I LOVED IT!

I am still reading Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. To be honest, it is taking me a bit longer than I want it to. I am at page 102, but it has taken me over a week! I’m slacking! Haha! I am really enjoying and always love the beginnings of Harry Potter’s. It’s the same for in the films too! haha!

I have decided that in the summer (or any break to be honest) I am going to try and sell one of my paintings/photogrpahs. Although, to be honest, I don’t really know who would want one :/ Lol… People always say that I’m good or whatever, but I think a lot of people could do the same as what I do, if not better! But, I might give it a go. There’s a girl on my course, who sold one of her paintings for £2500.00! I’m not sure if I beleive her or not, or if mine would be worth that amount, but I would be happy with maybe a couple of hundred quid. Haha!

So, as I have lots and lots to do today, I’m not going to writing an awful lot, but I just wanted to check in with you guys and girlies. I am off to get ready to go out….

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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