Oooooooh Britainnia!!

Although this was a bit fidgety – I absolutely love ’em so I don’t care! They look so cool and make me feel like I’m more creative than I actually am haha! I bought them just in a regular supermarket, but I’m sure you can get them wherever really :) Ebay have some awesome ones! :) So here’s the steps to what I did :) Haha!

Clean all your nails, take off any old nail varnish and push down all your little cuticles :) They’re cute you know! Haha! Cut out your nails so that they are all seperate and cut the curved ends to match your own nails. (I made mine a bit shorter so that the cross was more in the middle.)

Peel the backs off the peel the front off really really carefully :) Then… place the foil, curved side at the bottom, onto your nail. Be careful if you have a line (like me!) in your design and try your hardest to get it in the centre each time haha!

Trim the edges if you need to – they are so clever, they just come off when you pull at them :) Once you have completed one hand, go ahead and do the other (I found this a bit tricky, so ask for some help if you do too! Haha!) And this is what you’ll be finished with…

How awesome do they look? They only took about 40 minutes, which does sound like a long time to paint your nails – but look! They are so pretty :) Haha! I love them and I really hope that they stay all neat and perfect for at least a few days. I am going to be super careful haha! I found it really difficult to find a pose that showed off all my nails – and then thought of Jay Z haha! Anyway, here are some outtakes…

Haha! Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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