“… but I absoloutely love these…”

I found this picture on weheartit.com and I absolutely love it! I love the blue bralet top with the balck skirt, just because it is so simply. I have always loved maxi skirts, but as I am quite short, I have to be careful what pattern/style I go for. I love the fact that it is like a little skirt underneath and then all the pretty floaty one is over the top. I think I might have to look out for one for the summer. I also really like stripes at the moment, so I might have to have a look out for a chiffon striped one too! :)

I am kind of missing New York this morning. I feel like I still haven’t seen it all and really wsant to go back. I want to do the Museums and I want to just spend days wondering along and popping into bars and having a quick drink. I haven’t been to New York and be able to drink yet – as it is 21 out there – so I need to go back and spend a evening in a cocktail bar lol… I will go back, but I just need to get saving and planning haha!

I love these shorts – do you think you could create the stars affect yourself?? My legs done seem to have toned up a little bit more since going to Zumba every week, so I will hopefully, be able to wear shorts this year :) I have already bought some high waisted tan ones, that I plan to wear for wireless and take on my holidays, but I absolutely love these. They are so cool, and they would look nice with funky tights, or just with legs out and some pretty sandals. If anyone knows where I can get them from, please let me know :)

Anyway, I am off to my old placement school today to surprise the children and help out for a bit. I am pretty excited :) And hopefully they will be happy to see me haha! I will blog it up soon :) Hope you all have a fabulous day…

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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