Think Pink

I have decided that this is definitely what I want to do with my hair. I think it looks really nice. It’s nice a subtle and will look a lot less ‘dipped’ than if I just do the tips of my hair. I would love to have a whole head of pink gorgeousness but it’s not practical, and it would affest what I wear etc. :( But I think this looks really lovely and it looks pretty simple to do really :) So, yeah, over the weekend, I shall think pink and actually do it. I have decided :) Haha!

I have been and given my scary (biggest essay this year!) essay into Uni, I hope I get an okay grade for it. I am reallynot that confident as the guidance was so poor. I feel I should say something to someone as I know about 20 people felt the same, but there’s nothing anyone can do as it’s all done and dusted now. No one can change anything because it’s been given in haha! Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me :) I am really nervous about this one. And now it’s onto the next one….

I really do feel like I need a break away somewhere. I don’t even mind having a break with essays to do. Like I will take them with me! Haha! I just need somewhere that isn’t home and seeing the same things every single day. It’s doing my head in. Where can I go that is near and has some things to do when I get there? Any suggestions?

I am really excited to be going to see Charlie Simpson next week. I absolutely love his album and all the songs on it. My favourites being ‘Down down down’ and ‘All at once’. I always have it busting out while I am on my way to uni haha! The gig is in Ipswich, so it is a little further than usual, but it should be lots of fun and I do believe that me and my Sister are going for Mizu (the most amazing chinese) beforehand haha! (Note to self: wear something baggy! Haha!) I just need to find a really nice outfit now… Hmmmmmmmm…

I feel in a really strange mood at the moment. Like a mixture of nervous (because of essays given in) scared (because of essays coming back) tired because I feel like I just never stop at the moment and just weird haha! I feel like I have so much to do, but no energy to do it with. I am going to have a night off tonight and not even look at anything Uni related, and then I’m out to dinner tomorrow night, so yeah, hopefully thath’ll stop me. I need to have some ‘whatever I wanna do’ time haha!

Right, I am off to slob about, maybe get some quotes for my next essay, watch a DVD and read some Harry Potter. Have a fantastic friday, whatever your doing :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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