Something a bit different; Lana Del Rey.

Well, after four people saying that I looked like her, I thought I would investigate as I haven’t really listened to a lot of her music. I also thought it would be something diferent to do on my blog for a change :) Lana Del Rey is a fairly new artists and I knew her ‘Born to die’ song, but had no idea what it sounded like. I just knew it as it was on the chart list when I went to do my downloading :)

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant was originally from New York City and that is where her career began. She grew up here and went to a Boarding School in Connecticut. Before her massive fame launch later last year, she had attempted becoming a ‘known singer’ in 2008, with her album ‘Kill kill’ however, she used another stage name at that time; Lizzy Grant. However, this wasn’t as successful as she initially thought it would be. Then she came back in 2011, with her singles, ‘Born to die’, ‘Video games’ and, her newest song, ‘Blue jeans’. I do like video games and I think that her music is incredibly soulful. It isn’t happy sounding music, but it’s not supposed to be. It whas some lovely words in it and I love her 1950’s persona and style when it comes to her videos.

Just for the record, I don’t actually think I look anything like Lana Del Rey. She is ridiculously pretty and has the most flawless skin that I think I have ever seen. I however, do not hold either of these features.

She is really worth listening to and she reminds a lot of ‘olden’ music. She is very raw and sings about personal things, which automatically make her a very strong singer to me. I really like her voice. It is very changeable and it makes the songs really unique. I am going to add some videos at the end of this blog, so that you can have a listen if you want to.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

P.S. Oh and I know I said I would have a surprise for you, but it kinda went wrong. I am still working on it so don’t fear :) It will be here soon :)


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