Tone up challenge: Day 1

So, it has been ‘Day 1’ of my tone up challenge and it has gone quite well.

I got up and went out for what ended up being a 1.6 mile walk :) Then, I went into uni today as I had a meeting with one of my tutor’s about a paper that I had got back and wasn’t too happy with. She didn’t really add anything that I already had been told, but I have decided that I’m not going to put it in for re-marking, simply because she said it was one of the stronger ones that she read and I would be too afraid that it would go down. Hopefully, I will do well in all the other modules to make up for it… Fingers Crossed.

Then, once I had popped out after uni, I came home and did 50 sit ups and 20 press ups! This is something that I have never ever done before! Haha! It wasn’t really fun, but I think the sit ups definitely made a difference :)

Then, like a usual Monday night, I went to my weekly Zumba class, which was as fun as always :)… I love Zumba, and if I had a wii, I know I would be doing it every day. It just makes you feel super happy inside haha!

Also, I was thinking, does my blog need a bit of a re-vamp. I have had this layout since around the end of summer last year and think it’s time for a change – just not sure what to change it too :/ Hmmmm…. Maybe I’ll have to have a think about this :/ I’ll Get thinking now.

If you would like a ‘Tone up challenge button’ on your blog or whatever. You just have to add this: <a title=”Join Polly May’s Tone Up Challenge!” href=””><img src=””></a&gt;  html link into a text box and it should lead you to all things challenge related :)

I think my first day has gone really well and after I measured myself this morning, it has only given me more motivation; I honestly didn’t realised how ‘untoned’ I was! So keep up the good work everybody!! We can do it!!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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