Summer Chic

I absolutely love this plait, I think it is just a french plait done acroass the top and then wrapped into a side ponytail, so it might be possible to be done. I hate it when you find a really pretty hairstyle and you have no way of doing it, because you’re not a professinal hair stylist haha! I am just attempting it in my room surronding by a million bobby pins haha!

I found this image and just thought it looked really snuggly. Unfortunately, I have come to find that yellow doesn’t really suit me, so I would have to change that bit of the outfit, but I love the snuggly layered look. I also like the way that you can still see a wasit even though it’s not what people would class as fitted. I also love the little bag :) I wonder where I can get a similar one??

This image is beyond girly! Pink, white, feathers, diamonds and blonde. I love it! I think the top is gorgeous and would even work with a pair of navy peg leg trousers, or a maxi skirt. And, as you probably already know, I am a huge fan of big rings, so I absolutely love the big ring that she is wearing. I think I might need to tan it up before I attempt the pastels though! Haha!

Although this is a little bit more winter-y than my previous outfits, I love it! You could alwasy summer it up a bit by not wearing tights, but I love the big bag and the lace top. I think that this would look great for a London day out and the little details like the bangles and the necklace pendent really make this look. I love it!

So, a quick ‘Tone Up Challenge’ related bit: Today’s task is either wash the car or do a fitness DVD, and sit ups. Yesterday went really well, but, I am struglling to find things that are going to make a real difference. Any suggestions…. maybe planks? I’m told they kill though :/ lol… Feel free to use the new search bar to search for all Tone Up Challenge related things… :)

Anyway, enjoy your sunny Tuesday. I am seeing a couple of firneds later that I haven’t seen for about 6 months… so I am really looking forward to that :) I hope you have a good day and make the most of the weather…

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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