Tone Up Challenge: Let’s move.

So, this yesterday I gave a bit of a freshen up. What does everyone think? I quite like it and it’s nice a new ready for the summer. :) Somehow the tone up button that I had put on the side has vanished though, but don’t worry as I am attempting to get it back today haha! God knows where it has gone haha!

This is a video that Beyoncé done a video in an attempt to get America moving…. I’m not sure about America, but it has sure got me moving. It is so much fun and I spent a good hour yesterday trying to perfect the moves. I also done my sit up’s and press up’s, so it was another successful day. I am going to put the video at the end of this post, so you can all have a go. It is actually really fun, because you don’t feel like you are working out at all, just dancing and laughing at yourself haha! How is everyone else getting on?? What exercises have you found really work? Please share and comment to let me know :)

Right, I am off to see my sister now, and I have to admit, with such a lovely day ahead, I am feeling the need to dress up. It is kind of her early birthday as I’m not going to get to see her on her actual birthday… so I need to go down and give her all her pressies (I hope she likes them!)  Have a lovely day all of you, and I will be posting again soon.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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