Determination and goals…

Today I have spent pretty much the entire day lazing around in a park haha! I did pop into school earlier and see the children super quick, as I needed to photocopy a couple of bits and bobs from one of their books… however, most f the day day – pretty uneventful.

The weather is lovely and it has only speared me on to get more toned. I am determined that buy the time I go back to uni, I will be in shape and a lot more healthier. I hope you are all doing well. I put the ‘Beyonce Let’s Move’ video on the previous blog, and it really does work, so if you haven’t got time (like me today) then just have a go at that and do some sit up’s. There’s no excuse why you can’t fit some sort of extra exercise on top of your day. Just try and fit in whatever you can.

I am also determined to have finished my ‘Harry Potter and the goblet of fire’ book by the end of the Easter holidays. I have been read it, for what feels like forever, so I have decided to set myself the goal of end of Easter holidays. Although, I do also have my Science and Maths assignments due in, which are pretty damn important. I am absolutely dreading the maths one, as I failed this module last year and I honestly do feel that it is still my weakest point of University work. I would be happy with anything to be honest! Haha! Just a pass is all I ask. It’s pointless aiming for a certain grade, as I am normally disappointed when I don’t get it :(

I have decided (after going down to Colchester yesterday to see my Sister for her 25th birthday meal – Happy birthday by the way!) that I am going to try to wear more heels / wedges this summer – simply because they are girly and pretty and they just make me feel nicer. I also have a couple of quite expensive pairs of shoes, that I have hardly worn – and that’s not allowed haha!

My new favourite song is by Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo. I think it’s called ‘Let’s Go’ Although I’m not entirely sure about this. It’s great for dancing too and really summer-y, so you should go buy it on iTunes, or download it or whatever, because it is pretty awesome. Haha!

Right, I am off to eat dinner, read my book and hopefully complete my entire maths investigation – all written out with notes etc. I hope you have a fun Thursday evening – I honestly don’t know where this week has gone – It seems to have flown by :/ I can’t wait for a week off in a couple of weeks (after Barracudas) so that I can laze about, finish off my essays and read.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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