If you work really hard and you’re kind; Amazing things will happen…

[Before I start, I just wanna say that I absolutely love this quote that I found on weheartit.com, it’s really beautiful…. :)]

So, this weekend it s all work work work. I have done my 6 hour shift at my weekend job and am starting at my summer camp tomorrow. I am actually quite nervous, bit I think it’ll be nice to see everyone again. The only problem is I have gotta be there at 8.45 in the morning! It’s definitely a killer haha! So tonight, it is general lazing around, (The Voice is my new addicitive programme,) and a bit of reading etc. I also have to do a test thing for work tomorrow, which could be interesting :/ Haha! I haven’t even done the reading haha!

I went for a spot of shopping yesterday and treated my to a couple of bit. First things first – shoes. I did buy some completely covered in glitter platfrom heels but unufortunately once I got home, I kinda realised that they go with absolutely nothing at all haha! I also bought some black satin heels (with rockers!) however, after wearing them last night, I have kind of realised that I really can’t walk in them and that it is more of a shuffle. Haha! I also bought the qcutest little necklace with a little dangly umbrella haha! :) It is so cute and such a bargain for £1.50! Gotta love a bit of primark! Haha!

Then, I went out last night to celebrate Baby Bitchface’s birthday – which was lovely. We went out for food and cocktails and I was super jealous of her Louboutin’s that she got from her mum and Dad for her birthday. She is now the ripe old age of 19! Haha! I hope she had a nice time and liked the pressies that I got her. Just a shame we didn’t get a new ‘Team Bitchface’ photo! Definitely have to get one when we next go out :)

Today is also the last day of March. April is bound to be full of fun – Barracudas, 1920’s birthdays celebrations, Ice bar and birthday drinks, essays, easter and generally trying to fit in a bit of a break. I am shattered, but I need to keep going and really concentrate on these essays. They are the big ones!

Anyway, I am off to watch The Voice – BBC1 NOW! – if you wanna watch it! :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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