At least it’s something haha!

Well, today, I had my training for my Easter job. It went okay and I am looking forward to working there a little bit more than I was :) I am absolutely shattered, but thought I would write up a quick random blog…

How good was The Voice last night? I absolutely love the fact that you don’t get the stupid sob stories, or generally taking the mick out of people that don’t really deserve it. I also like the fact that majority of the people that have gone onto the show, can actually sing. I find that that fact in particular helps when going on a singing talent show (Take note X Factor! Haha!) It’s my new obsession, second to Made in Chelsea obviously that starts tomorrow night on e4. I am gonna take a wild guess here and say that I will officially be asleep by 10pm, which is when it starts, so I am going to have to watch it on 4od… so don’t spoil it! Haha!

I have had a bit of a rubbish tone up day today – as I haven’t had a chance to do anything other than go to work earlier. So, I am going to try and fit in some dancing and sit up’s etc. later on. I have a sneaking feeling that I will end up joining the gym… but I will of course, try my hardest to tone up before spending all my money and not really seeing where it goes :/

I have found a couple of recipes that I really wanted to try out too… one is a pumpkin and butternut squash risotto and the other i oat and raisin cookies, so I will be making these up, probably next week, and sharing that with you guys and girlies! I am currently starving as I have had a packet of crisps and a slice of bread and butter all day haha!

I am going to be having a night off tonight as I am exhausted and have a huge shift of 8 – 5.30 tomorrow – I fear I may be asleep in my dinner haha! But I am sure it’ll be fun and as I am the arts and craft person, I basically get to do arts and crafts for the whole day :) YAY! I am going to try and write a quick plan of my Maths Essay though – at least it’s something haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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