“He would just have to look at me and say ‘hun’… “

So, my week at Easter camp has been completely exhausting… not cool. I have pretty much not stop from half 6 in the morning until about half 10 at night. Absolutely shattered, but last night I did have possibly the best night’s sleep I have had in a very long time and am finally feeling human again :)

I am working with the youngest group of children (aged 4) next week, so that’ll be lots of fun :) YAY! I love the littler ones as I have been with the moody teenagers this week, who don’t really want to be there haha! So it’ll be a nice change and hopefully lots and lots of fun :)

I also finally got to watch the first episode of series 3 of Made in Chelsea and it was, of course, soooo good. I cannot believe that Caggie did that to Spencer. He would just have to look at me and say ‘hun’ and I could never be mean to him haha! She also got a tattoo of some dude’s initial on her arm after knowing him for 2 weeks, which is ridiculous… I wonder if it actually real…. Hmmmm…

I have found a fantastic new song that I am slightly obsessed with haha! It’s called Oliver Twist by D’Banj. It’s so dancey and so good to listen to in the car to drive along to :) I shall add it to the end of this post and that way you can have a little listen yourself, but I think it’s pretty awesome haha!

I have decided that I will soon be joining the Blackberry Clan, however, I do need to sort my existing contract out, so it’ll have to wait for a little while, but it’s all very exciting :) I love getting new phones and as I absolutely hate the one that I currently have, can’t be any harm in changing can there? Lol…

I am going to be, hopefully, writing my maths essay over this weekend and I have the biggest pamper evening ever planned for this evening – I have bought a hair treatment, a face masks, the works! So, I definitely think a nice long soak and a bit of Harry Potter is in order haha!

Have a fantastic evening, and I am sure I will be blogging soon :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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