Prodiga Fashion.

So, through the amazement that is twitter I came across Prodiga fashion via Millie Mackintosh. The collection consists of a mixture of swimwear, maxi dresses, skirts, blouses and fur coats. All stunningly beautiful pieces and would capture anyone’s eye.

Millie Mackintosh is the new face of the design and it seems that she complimetns the clothes extremely well. Her ‘Millie Maxi Dress’ is stunning and she pulls it off effortlessly. Through reading the online bio of Millie, her figure secret is yoga – something I have never really looked into, but it sure seems to be working. Haha!

I think their pieces are absolutely stunning and could easily become timeless pieces to anyones wardrobe. Granted they are a little expensive, but they are so beautiful and you can see that a real care and style have gone into them. I particularly like the Crystal studded peplum dress (£380.00) and the Millie cut out maxi dress (£255.00) although I don’t think I really have the figure for the latter. They are so stunning and if you fancied a bit of a splurge for a special occasion, they would be perfect. A wedding abroad somewhere comes to mind, simply because they are so gorgeous, I don’t think you could just wear it for any old reason.

The collection also includes some truly unique swimwear too, which is designed to clearly make an impression. They are also really reasonably priced at £65.00 a piece – not bad I didn’t think. They are stunning, and my favourite out of these pieces has to be the knotted black one and the one covered in beading. Honestly, they are stunning.

Go and visit the website which is and have a look, some of them you really will fall in love with. Just maybe don’t go on there armed with your credit card, you may end up buying the entire collection! Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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