Me weekend.

So, I have had a completely ‘ME’ weekend :) It has been amazing! I finished my two weeks at Barracudas on Friday and got Staff of the week! So happy with my little self as I totally didn’t expect it at all. I was over the moon, and don’t know what I am going to spend my Β£10 on yet…. a trip to primark may be on the table lol…

Then in the yesterday evening I watched ‘The Voice UK’ which is my new obsession, and I will admit something here and now. I actually sat and cried at one point. I have this thing that I really hate seeing men cry, mainly becasue in my head they are supposed to be strong and look after you, but the emotion in this song was immense! I mean I was sitting, alone watching this guy sing, with a glass of wine and tears were running down my face. Jaz Ellington has one of the most beautiful voices I think I have ever heard. The amount of soul in his voice was incredible and that was clear in Will.I.Am’s reaction. So beautiful. I will put the clip at the end of this post :)

Then today, I went to work, which isn’t so exciting. Lol… However, I now have a whole week off which is exactly what the doctor ordered. I felt that I needed a break for Easter, but had the Camp job, so I am even more tired now haha! I am going to do some shopping, meet up with friends, have friends over, get essays done and generally chill. I am so looking forward to it. :) It should be goooooood, and I currently have sweet potato roasting and some turkey dinosaurs, so things can only get better :) Haha!

I am so looking forward to my holiday. I just can’t wait to sit around and just have time to think and generally do nothing for a couple of weeks. It’s going to be so good. And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a vodka and chicken nugget diet haha! Speaking of diets (did you like what I did there?) how is everyone getting on with their tone up challenge. I have to say that I think I may have slacked a little, but this week is time to catch up and get back on track :) I have even dusted off my dad’s cross trainer :) Haha! Anyone got any tips of tricks that really work?

Right I am off to check on my lovely dinner :)

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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