Spring cleaning and bacon sandwiches….

Today has been one of those unplanned amazing days so far haha! I had planned on popping out and getting a few bits and bobs, however, I appear to be indoors and have sorted my entire wardrobe :) I am so happy because I tried everything on and I have to say it is shocking the amount that we buy and don’t even wear. Some things in my charity shop pile still have the labels on and have never ever been worn…. Naughty Polly May! Lol…. No, but seriously, I feel so much better fr sorting it all out and now I have a lovely tidy wardrobe full of stuff that I will actually wear, and I don’t mind giving away such a crazy amount of clothes, because I know it’s going to do good and raise some money for charity :) I will most probably be donating it all (along with 2 other bin bags of stuff from my Mum and Dad) to the Arthritis Shop at the top of my road. :) So, here are photographs of my day so far…

Bacon sandwiches seem to make the day so much better! Haha! I forgot how much I love them! :)

Suzi with her ‘what are you looking at face’. I love this dog far too much and she is so good at keeping me company while I am home alone. It would be really boring if she wasn’t here.

My MASSIVE charity pile – Just so it’s clear I didn’t send it like this, I did actually fold it all nicely and put in in a black bag! Haha! I’m not that heartless haha!

The tidiest my wardrobe has possibly EVER been! I love that I threw out so much black too, as when I was feeling a bit self conscience I seemed to go and buy everything black. I like that some of summer dresses are back :) WOOP WOOP!

I am off to prepare for tomorrow’s blog. If you have a wardobe that needs sorting out, I really would suggest you clear it out haha! It is so go for the mind and soul. Giving to charity, and you can actually get to your clothes haha! On the other hand, don’t go crazy and have one of those 24 piece captual wardrobe like Gok suggests (Don’t know how anyone would EVER do that!) Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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