Current beauty products…

So, at the moment, I have gone a bit beauty products crazy haha! I am not usually a products kind of person (I mean, I don’t even take my make up off) but I have found some really good bargains at the moment, and sometimes it’s nice to have a pampering :) So, far this morning, I have dyed my hair, painted my nails and I plan on doing pretty much nothing all day haha! I am also going to be starting the slim fast diet today, purely because I don’t feel that I am slimming down enough to tone up for my challenge and my birthday is coming up….. and I wanna feel nice on my birthday :)

So, number 1: Nourish me truley haircare range. I found this range completely by chance. I was looking for a conditioning treatment to put on my hair as it was getting really damaged, and came across this. It is a life saver. I left the conditioner on, just while I showered and then rinsed it off and my hair is all lovely and soft now :) Makes me very happy :) Haha! It is also a bargain at just £1 each! I got my conditioner from Wilkinson’s and the shampoo from the Poundshop….

Number 2: Nice and Easy hair dye. (Number 101 – Natural Baby Blonde) I have used Superdrug own hair dye for a while now and it is just getting too light. My hair seems to be turning yellow-ish instead of a nice blonde. The conditioner is alos a lot better than the superdrug one and my hair generally feels in much better condition to before dying it.

Number 3: Biore skincare range (Combination skin balancing formula) I bought this as I had a sudden breakout of spots. My skin is known to break out becuase it is oily, but some areas of my face is sooooooo dry at the moment, I didn’t really know what to buy… and then I found this :) It is so good and my spots have definitely calmed down a lot over the past days, even though I have been naughty and not nessacarily used it as much as I should have. (Like twice a day) It is still amazing stuff! And only around £3.00! :)

Number 4: Dove summer skin moisturiser. I actually did a test earlier yesterday to see how good the summer glow bit was on one arm and it actually did make a bit of a difference. It also smells pretty amazing – Haha! My body skin does get really dry and this seemed to really help, so I would definitely recomend it to other people :)

Anyway, there’s some of the good products that I have found :) I hope I have helped you find some miracle potions that you might be looking for. My top buy is definitely the skin combination balance stuff! :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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