Simple but beautiful….

After spending the day with my Sister, Terri-Jane, I have decided that this is exactly what her house will look like by the time she has finished her degree! Haha! She loves books, and this would be absolutely perfect! :) It was lovely to see her and spend some of our pennies :) Yay! I really do love shopping :) And I finally got my birthday outfit… :)

I found this tattoo on and it is so lovely :) I love that it is in such a unusual place, and has such a beautiful amount of detail. It is really simple, but really gorgeous and definitely something that not everyone has, which is important when you’re thinking about tattoo’s. It is really pretty, and I thought I would include it :)

This letter wrote by Marilyn Monroe is pretty lovely. I love the words, the way it is written and its’ general inspiration. It would make a lovely wall decoration – maybe something to think about for when I get my own place. It is so lovely, and she is one of my idols, I think it just means even more. She was so naturally beautiful, but she still felt embarrassed and self-conscious. She put a front on and Norma Jean was lost along the way to fame for Marilyn Monroe.

With this picture, I just loved the simple style, but it looks amazing! I think it really does work and the simple added textures make it look really nice! Definitely a style steal right there! I also love the bright yellow ring haha! – Might need to keep my eyes open for one of those babies :)

So, I have decided that at some point in my life, I really want to ‘do it alone’. Whether it’s here, or somewhere else. I want to have to take care of myself and have that space to just do whatever I want. I have enjoyed living home alone the past week or so, and it’s been lovely to just do my work, chill out, read my book and generally be myself for a while.

Anyway, I am off to walk my dog in this pouring rain. Could be interesting haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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