“currently wearing the moustache pyjama’s…”

So, these are some of my presents that I got yesterday for my birthday. Thank you to everyone for the lovely things that you got me :) I had a nice day, and a lovely chinese for my dinner haha! I am currently wearing the moustache pyjama’s that Team Bitchface got me, and I wore my new Vans today….. I am one lucky girls to get so spoilt. I can’t wait to get started on the Horrible History Boxset that Mum got me too! Such a geek haha!

This picture makes my cake look like it is sooooo smokey, but it really wasn’t lol. I don’t think that I have ever thought so hard on my wish as I did this year and hopefully it’ll come true. I was kinda cheeky and made two haha!

My moustache pyjama’s from Team Bitchface. I love ’em and they are super comfy (I have them on right now haha!)

My sparkly flip flops from Mum. I love them. I am glad I went for the baby pink ones now, so that they go with more and are generally more lovely. Lol…. They are sooooo pretty :) Thanks Mumberly.

This photoframe is from Hannah, and I decided to make it Uni-ish haha! I love it and have just gotta find a permanant home for it, as it is sitting on my desk at the moment. Thank you though Hannah, it is lovely :)

On a bit of a side note; my enrichment placement was released yesterday and I got…… THE LONDON TRANSPORT MUSEUM! I am so so excited to commute up to London for a couple of weeks, I don’t even mind the ridiculous train fares haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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