“Head to toe…”

Today I am wearing, head to toe, Primark! Haha! I originally bought this outfit for NYE in London, and have ound it difficult to dress it down, but with a old pair of swede boots (£12) leggings (£3) and a skull scarf (£3) I think I have finally worked it all out haha! (The actual playsuit was £25 by the way, it’s part of their limited edition range ) I am off to go out with Team Bitchface today, and I am really quite excited. We are going for a look around the shops and then going for some nice lunch and then going to see the new Nicholas Sparks film, The Lucky One! I love Nicholas Sparks and have already read The Notebook and Dear John (My favourite book so far… ever!) and I have The Lucky one to read on my summer holiday this year :)

It’s 69 days until my holiday and I honestly can’t wait, now more than ever. I have one more piece of work to give in (my map art stuff) and then Uni for Year 2 is all done :) I should be getting a couple of my essays back this week, which I am super nervous about, but fingers crossed, it’ll all be ok and I won’t have done too bad :/ I really hate all this waiting around :/

Today’s tunes are definitely “Mo Money, Mo problems” by Biggie Smalls and “Doo Wop” by Lauryn Hill. Can not get enough of these tunes and have them on repeat on iTunes as I type this! Haha!

Anyway, I am off to brush my teeth and fly,

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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