Madagascar Golden Orb Spider Cape…

So, today, I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and came across something pretty amazing and really wanted to share it with you. I have realised that one piece of art can really have a strong and quite powerful influence on your ideas. Whilst on my trip, I stumbled upon room 17a (completely by accident and unintentional, as we were actually looking for the way out). In this room we found a weaved golden cape, made completely by Madagascar Golden Orb Spiders. Their silk had been extracted, resulting in the most beautiful piece of textiles. I took some photographs while I was there but really was taken aback by the sheer amazement of it, and after researched into it further. Here are some facts that I later found out about it;

  1. The idea and finished two pieces of art were created by artist, Simon peers and designer, Nicholas Godley.
  2. It took 8 years and more than a million Madagascar Golden orb Spiders to complete the finished pieces that were featured in the museum.
  3. These are the two first pieces ever made with such a technique and are featured right here in London! The first to have them in the entire world!
  4. The spiders that gave their amazing golden silk were not harmed and only borrowed for a day at a time.
  5. It took 23,000 spiders to weave 25g of silk and the cape alone took 1.5kg!

This amazing finding and the simple mind-blowing technique that it features has definitely helped me to figure out a route that I want to proceed along during my project. I now know that I want to test myself at some sort of textile work, including my previous influences such as; Music, Places, Hidden meanings, Quotations, Tracey Emin and personal links to art.

Click here to find out more…

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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