Arts in Education Final Piece…

Not that I am being big headed or anything, but I really don’t feel like these pictures do my work justice. It does look better in the flesh, but maybe it’s because you can really see the detail, the stars of where I have been in the world and where I want to go, the lyrics, the stitching, the dates of when I started and finished, the amount of time it took (22 hours and 45 minutes!) and everything. You can’t really see that in these pictures, but I tought I would share it all with you anyway because it has been a huge part of my last couple of weeks…

I also forgot to share with you that I got my Foundation Subjects essay back on Tuesday and I am so happy with the grade that I got. I was really nervous about this one, as I didn’t do too good on it last year, but I totally exceeded my expectations. I have learnt that I do doubt myself quite a lot, and I suppose that’s not really a good thing is it? I am going to try and just be pleased with myself more often (not too much though, I don’t want to jynx anything haha!)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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