Forever 21 electric purple…

So, for getting 62% in my foundation essay the other day, I decided to treat myself while up in London to this lovely ‘electric purple’ blouse. I am busting it out today, but I actually bought it for my London City placement, as I think it’s quite smart and covers all the right bits! haha! I also LOVE the colour :)

I actually think that it is really pretty and a lot more girly than I thought it was in the shop. I am so happy to be able to wear bright colours again! Roll on the summer! (Worn here with my flood length jeans from New Look -£15.99)

I hope you all like it :) It’s from Forever 21 (The Oxford Street branch) and it was £18.75, however, they do offer student discount, so I got a little bit off of this :) I also love the little arm ribbons, just because they are a bit different and I haven’t really seen them many places :) They also make it super girly :) You should go and have a look, they really have some lovely bits and pieces in at the moment :)

I went out to lunch with my Sister and got all these lovely birthday pressies, inlcuding; a Vegeterian Cookbook (private joke), 30 day shred – it’s gonna kill me, My week with Marilyn – Eek, Rizzle Kicks Album, a red bracelet, and a lovely orange shimmer nail varnish. I am one very little girly :) Thank you very much for all my lovely pressies :) and I had a lovely lunch too…. Go on her blog and have a read. :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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