What I have been up to….

So, the past two weeks I have been on my final enrichment of Year 2 at University. I have been doing a research project for the London Transport Museum and basically had to go to all the major museums in London; The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, The British Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum, The Imperial War Museum, The Design Museum and the Museum of Childhood. All these were in the past week and it has been really crazy! I have been so tired, but it has been quite interesting to see what they all offer.

I have also seen some of my lovelies, been for a well deserved chinese, had a dinner date, gone to westfields, oxford street and tonight, it is a well deserved night in :)

I also had some amazing news while on my enrichment. I got my Maths Assignment back and got a amazing 75%!!! How I got this I really don’t know how I managed this, but was soooo happy. I also got 60% for my Science Assignment, so that’s not bad either. Everything seems to be going good at the moment, let’s hope it continues.

Peace and love, Polly – May xx

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