Jubilee Weekend.

Obviously every English occasion has to start with a cuppa tea! :) In my moustache PJ’s that the Bitchfaces got me for my birthday :) (And just to clarigy, thath’s my Dingledodies mug from Russell Howard’s tour a few years ago!) :)

I posted a little while ago that I really wanted the Rose Gold Michael Cors watch, however, after looking everywhere and it being pretty much similar prices (Prices I can’t afford) I bought this one, that is almost identical from River Island! :)

Peace out! I bought this top to go with a mustard maxi skirt that I bought! I absolutely love it and don’t normally do short tops, but it is cute and glittery and a absolute Primark Bargain Beaut!

This is Brodey. (Not sure how they are spelling it yet though) How cute is she??? My friends Tasha and Bam are now offically adults and have bought her! She is a cross, but literally one of the cutest things I have seen. I met her on Sunday night, when I popped over to see her. How cute??? I may have to steal her at some point haha!

This is a gorgeous ring that my Mumberly bought me. I think it’s for my 2:1 that I have got so far with my University course (I still have one paper to come back, so that could change.) But I love it and it’s all blingy – looks a lot cuter in real life :)

So yeah, I have been a busy bee. I am also on the hunt for a little bit of summer work. So it’s all go go go :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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