I look like a Scarecrow! Haha!

So, I have been over to Colchester to see Terri (my Sister) and Johno for a few days. We went to Jagernation, had the most amazing burgers, watched Rocknrolla, watched Absolutely Fabulous, went shopping and then I came home. It was a really amazing couple of days, and it was lovely to get away. :) I am so tired now though, so just having a quiet night in tonight :) Anyway, while I was there, I got some fantastic news; I got an interview for a Nursery near to where I live! I am sooo happy, and I know I haven’t got it yet :/ but, just the fact I got an interview is a good thing :) and I am keeping everything crossed :) So, yay! Summer is looking a lot better :)

My pink hair is still pink, but it has fading quite a lot…. it has also made my hair soooooo dry, so I have bought a tub of conditioner and I’m going to soak it into my hair until it is how it should be, because straw hair isn’t really a good look haha! What did you guys think of it though? The picture didn’t really show it up too much, but I do think that it worked well, and I would do it again, maybe with different colours etc. If you’re going to have a go, just please be careful not to dry your hair out too much :/

I have become a little bit obsessed with studded things; bags, shorts, collars, shoes…. everything! Haha! The only problem is, I think a few others have too because studs are realllllly expensive! Haha! I may have to do some more ebaying to find a real bargain! :)

So, the other day, I thought it would be a good idea to have a go at the QTS skills tests that I will be doing during the first term back at University in September, and they are sooooo hard! Like insanely hard! I need to order practice books and see what they are like, because they are seriously not anything about what I thought they were going to be…. they are like problem solving and spelling tests…. Eeek!

My holiday diet starts tomorrow! I am also going to try and do my 30 day shred before my holidays :) Wish me luck!!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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