Too much light in this city.

My job is currently leaving me completely shattered. I literally haven’t done anything nessacarily exciting this week at all, which is why I haven’t really posted an awful lot. I am enjoying it, but it so different to what I am used to and I think a few of the girls forget that I have never done anything like this before. Thursday, was a pretty bad day, but it’s fine. I just need to think of the money and the experience that it will look good on my CV. I did go shopping today though and bought some bits and pieces. H&M have got an amazing sale on at the moment and I bought two t-shirt style dresses for Β£6! Just to wear with my Vans and that :) I also got some bits for a few birthdays, a top, a pair of levi style jeans (although I don’t know if I am confident enough to wear them – they are really leggy!) and some pink polka dot lip tattoos!!! I have wanted to try them for a while, and found them in Primark for a bargain of Β£1!!! Haha! Think I may have to save them for a occasion, maybe if I go out to dinner or something :/

I have decided that I would actually love to have this hair for the Summer, although I am not completely 100% sure how it would be done. Like is it a semi perm, or set like it, or is it just that she is Rihanna and can basically get her hair done by a hair stylist everyday if she wants? Haha! Anyway, I think I am going to get it done once I have been paid and once everything is sorted with Nursery and that, as we have to have our hair up when we’re working. But I think it will suit me :)

My exercise-ness has been going quite well. I have been doing 100 sit up’s every night before I go to bed and I can honestly say I can see the difference. Granted, it is probably in my head, but I feel like it is doing something. Just goes to show, you don’t nees the gym or to do unnessacary things and eat basically nothing. As I have been working, I have just cut right down on my food, and obviously haven’t been picking, as I have been working. So, hopefully, it’ll all pay off in time :)

My QTS book and Dissertation reading has arrived from Amazon this morning, so I hav a lot of scary reading to do. I don’t really know which one to start with :/ The QTS one looks easier to read, so i might leave it til last :/ I hope thay’re okay. I know they won’t be fun, but I’ll settle for okay! Haha!

Anyway, bit of a catch up one tonight, but I will be blogging again soon.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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