Saw this and thought it was pretty cute…

I sometimes find these slushy things on and think ‘oh my goodness, people actually believe this stuff.’ However, this I actually do; the romantic in me honestly believes that everyone has someone, it just might take a bit of time finding them. :)

Today was my last day at work FOREVER! And I am soooooo happy to out of that place :) I literally cannot express how miserable I have been at times in there and it wasn’t even worth it! I am still working at the Nursery and I have Barracudas when I come back from holiday, so it’s all good :) I will still have money :) I just really hope I can now push myself that little bit further to make sure I get the grade I want from University, which is what it is all in aid of.

I am having a bit of a pamper session to celebrate. Dying my hair, plucking my eyebrwos, fake tan and generally getting ready for the week ahead. It’s gonna be another tired one….

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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