Wireless 2012

So, I went to Wireless Festival yesterday and it was soooo good. It poured down all day, and I ended up wearing wellies and a raincoat, but I really had fun. The mud was incredible, like ridiculous and people were literally sliding around and rolling in it towards the end, but the acts were amazing. Cher Llyod was o first and she was pretty good, but there wasn’t too many peopl watching her, so it was a bit odd. Then Pitbull came on, who was amazing! He introduced all of his songs in English and Spanish, and as I went with my portugese friend, joana, she knew what he was saying, which I thought was pretty cool! He sang all of his released songs, and a couple of new ones, but he was really good! Then, it was Rizzle Kicks who was actually amazing. They are brilliant live and they got everyone dancing and having a awesome time :) Jordan ‘Rizzle’ Stephens is actually such a good dancer and amazingly good looking! Haha! Then, Labrinth who sounded exactly the same as he does on the radio, prooving that he can actually sing! Haha! Then Jessie J, who I love and decided to sing all of the songs as loudly as I could! Haha!

Then, it was Rihanna, who I didn’t really think was too good, if I’m honest. She was 55 minutes late and cut her perfomrmance, not making up the time, she also didn’t sing half of her songs, and when she did, she got the words wrong, which is pretty poor being as she was the headliner. Her finale song of ‘We found love’ was actually amazing though and everyone was jumping and having a amazing time and there was fireworks and balloons and people went CRAZY!

I had a really good day and I loved spending time with my friend Joana, and her friend Jade. I do miss the fact that she lives that bit further away and works a ridiculous amount, so I can never visit :(

Peace and love, Polly May xx



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