I have so much to do today before going away, (Getting my nails done, packing, sorting out money, what shoes to take, tidying my room….) but I wanted to blog on here before hand. I am super excited about going now, and just want to be there, sit around, drink and do nothing for 2 weeks. Work has exhausted me! Speaking of work – I finished my job at the Nursery yesterday and it was really sweet. I got a bunch of cards and a couple of boxes of chocolates, which I thought was really sweet. I am actually going to miss some of the children, which must mean I enjoyed it a little bit. Haha!

The Rolling Stones announced this week that they are ‘hoping’ to do a couple of gigs to celebrate their 50 years in the Music Business. How awesome is that? I, personally, don’t care how much they are or what sort of a venue it is. I am THERE! I would love to see them again; I can’t explain how much I love ‘em. One of their songs just has to come on the radio and I start smiling. Corny right? But so true! Haha!

To follow on from my reading blog from yesterday. I am taking a ridiculous amount of books on holiday TOMORRW! Yes, I just said tomorrow! Haha! I am taking: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, My Week with Marilyn by Colin Clark, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, as well as a couple of University books which aren’t actually that much fun haha! But hopefully, I will get to read all of them. YAY!

Well, hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a quick blog in the morning before leaving for the Airport, but if not, I will see ya’ll in 2 weeks baby! Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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