From Turkey.

Hey Everyone!

Thought I would quıckly do a message to all of you from TURKEY!

It ıs absolutely boılıng here… 40 degrees today! I have had to buy a cap (whıch looks lovely) for my burnt head, and we have been sunbathıng hardcore everyday. Although, I do thınk that the whole goıng to sleep at 7 ın the mornıng ıs now cathıng up wıth me. Haha! I can,t belıeve ıt’s Frıday tomorrow! Shockıng and then ıtis the Market! Have seen soooo much stuff that I want to buy haha! Have to see what the deal ıs wıth Money and what I can actually buy! Haha!

Anyway, I hope you are enjoyıng raıny England ıf you are readıng from my home.

Peace and love, (and a whole lot of sunshıne)

Polly May xx



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