So, I am home from holiday. I got home yesterday, but was too tired to blog haha! I had a really good time, and it is kind of sucky to be home when there is nothing to do and no one to hang out with. I bought myself far too much on holiday and spent far too much money, but I had fun; drinking vodka, sunbathing, shopping and generally relaxing. I do feel like I need to go away again now though! Haha! Where to go?

I was thinking maybe a city. I would quite like to go somewhere that has history and lots to look at, so that it doesn’t get boring. I will have to have a look and see what I can afford and where exactly I want to go :)

Since being home, I haven’t really done an awful lot. I bought some converse while I was on holiday and bought some sparkles etc. to decorate them, so I have done that, (Blog to come!) unpacked, cooked dinner last night and that’s generally it. It was strange I didn’t really miss home. I have never been like that before. I wanted to come home, but as a stop gap to go away again. Haha!

I start work at Barracudas on Monday, so I have a week to sort myself out and try and do some University readings and that, as well as seeing my friends as I know I’m going to be dead from working with children all day! Haha!

Anyway, it was just a quick check in blog really, to say ‘hi’ and that. So, I will speak to you all soon. (I have missed my blog a bit! Haha!)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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