Hakuna Matata

So, after going to the zoo with Terri the other day and singing ‘When I was a young warthogggggggg!” after seeing the warthogs, I am slightly obsessed with the song ‘Hakuna Matata’. I also say ‘No worries’ quite a lot to people in general haha! So, it’s my new favourite saying :)

It’s just a short and sweet on today as I have lots to do before starting back at Barracudas tomorrow! I have been into Romford and picked up a few bits and pieces for lunches (Fruit packs, cherries, cereal bars etc.) as I am going to try and be good. I am also going to try and do sit up’s and that for the 2 weeks of being there and see if it makes any difference…… We shall see.

So, yeah, I will be blogging as usual and I have been researching lots of fun things, so hopefully, I will have time to type them up. I am determined to finish a University book that I started on holiday today, which I will do a review of on my ‘Books and Such’ page, so look out for that, but otherwise, I will be blogging soon. Wish me luck for the crazy summer children! Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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