I just love that turquoise colour…

Whilst browsing on weheartit.com, I came across this amazement of a picture and thought I would share it with you :)

This girl’s hair is INSANE! I mean look at it!?!? How did she even do that? It looks amazing and I bet it was super hard to do. I love the turqoise hair and the stripes and, well, everything. It looks amazing. I wonder if I could dye my hair this colour and put leopard stripes through it?? I doubt I would ever get back to blonde though!! Haha! I does look amazing though and I think it would be fun to have for during the summer. I just love that turquoise colour.

On another note, my first day back at Barracudas went really well :) I forgot how much I actually enjoy it. I am doing a mixture of arts and assisting a group, so it should make the time go quicker too, so it’s all good :) I am out every night this week now, but I will, of course, try and blog like usual :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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