Rolling Stones: 50 years

So, yesterday me and my Big Sister, Terri (twoninethree) went to the Rolling Stones: 50 years exhibition. It was so good, and much better than I thought it would have been. I love the quotes and the unpublished photogrpahs that I hadn’t seen before. The layout was a bit weird though; like it could have flown more, but i was really good and the news that it has been extended until the 1st September was released on twitter as we left. I bought myself the exhibition catalogue, which is pretty awesome and I think I am going to ask for the official book for christmas from someone to add to my collection :) I get so excited about the Rolling Stones and I’m just waiting for some sort of tour/gig news! Come on, you lot! :)

We then went around Covent Garden, ate our lunches, went it Rockit and then made our way to Westfeild Stratford. I bought a lovely dress in Forever 21 with a leopard print collar, a glittery case for my new tablet from New Look (above) and then we went and had dinner in Wahaca, which is a mexican street food place. It was really nice to have a chat and pick at some rather tasty foods. :) It was a lovely day full of chatting, laughing, cheesestrings, being stranded at Covent Garden station, (“Terri, don’t leave me!” *she gets on the train*) trying to get free things, choking and, of course, the Rolling Stones. What’s not to love? Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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