“… the lyrics to hundreds of songs…”

Insert: So true! Name me a song, and I will sing it for you right now!

So, today I have been attempting to learn some general knoweldge for my QTS tests, which is coming around rather too quickly for my liking. However, I just feel like NOTHING IS FRICKING GOING IN! Haha! I have now decided to watch some sort of film, have a couple of hours rest and then start again, because right now, I have wasted my entire Sunday :( and that’s not cool!

My lovely sister has posted a blog especially for me! She is too cute :)

I have also been getting to ‘grips’ with my new tablet a little bit more today, and now have some pictures, some music and an instagram account, so it’s a start haha! I hope that I can actually use it how I want to. I still haven’t found the normal (not program) camera though, and that is quite frustrating! Haha!

I am hoping to get a lot of reading done this week. I know that I’m not going to have a awful lot of time to myself when I am back at Uni, so I need to get going with my books and Uni readings! I still haven’t chosen what I want my dissertation to be on, and this is worrying me a little bit :/

Anyway, I am off to chill and relax for a bit, before attempting this revision malachy again. Have a fabulous rest of your weekend :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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