The morning after…

Well, I went out last night to see ‘A few best men‘, which is a film that I have wanted to see since seeing the trailer ages ago. I find it strange that there are so many wedding films out at the moment, with me seeing ‘Wedding Video‘ last week, and still good ones to come out like ‘The Knot‘.

It was absolutely hilarious and I haven’t laughed like that in a cinema for ages! I literally couldn’t stop at one point! The story line was so funny and I don’t normally find ‘boy humour’ that funny, but it actually was. I do have to admit, that Kris Marshall made it though! Having been in ‘My Family‘ and he was my favourite in that, and, of course, ‘Love Actually‘ with his ‘beautiful muffin for a beautiful lady’, he is still my favourite.

If you need a bit of cheering up, or just fancy a laugh, I would definitely give this a go. With the mixture of drug dealers, sheep, cheese, drinking, unfitting suits, moustaches and shootings, what’s not to like? Haha!

Please don’t forget to have a look at my ‘Tone Up Challenge’ page (at the top). I have added, what I bought (food wise) and hopefully given you a few little tips about what is tasty and convient for lunches/dinners. Enjoy! :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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