Tone Up Challenge: Week 1

So, it has been a week today that I have been doing the Tone Up Challenge!! I feel a lot better for doing and I thik you can see a difference. My clothes fit a lot better and an old top that I wore yesterday around the house was even loose!! :)

As this is all about toning up and not necessarily about losing weight, I have decided to do my tone up by measurement in inches! It is important that you don’t cheat! Measure yourself as if you are getting fitted for a dress (so that you are comfortable)! I am not going to put up on here how many inches I have lost, but I plan on measuring myself every Wednesday, as I sorted it that Wednesday was Day 1! I am really happy with how it is going, even if my meals are getting a bit same-y.

Please don’t forget that there are lots and lots of help and assistance on the Tone Up Challenge page! The past week has been mainly food based with recipes and ideas for meals. Next week, it’s going to be focussed on exercise, so keep your eyes open and get moving :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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