My week with Marilyn.

YAY!!! I have finally finished it!! I’m so happy with my little self.

After seeing the film at the cinema twice, and then being bought the DVD and book for my birthday, I thought it was about time I finished ‘My Week with Marilyn’. This book was split into two halves; the first being Colin Clark’s general day-to-day diary and the second being his week with Marilyn. I have to admit I found the first one quite difficult to read and it became a little repetitive with his daily drama at the studio and altogether third assistant director jobs. But, the second I have found extremely interesting. It has really shown Miss Monroe’s venerability and her general self. It shows that her innocence and honesty of admitting that she has a evil side, an ugly side and that all people saw was ‘her’. It must me feel quite sad that she was ‘Marilyn Monroe’ for most of her life and people, even her husbands, forgot about Norma Jean.

Anyway, it was a really good half of a book, and I suppose you need to read the first half to give you a basis to read the second, so it was all relevant after all.

I am planning to do some more revision today, which is all getting a bit boring, if I’m honest. But, I suppose it needs to be done. I am just lacking confidence in getting this all done now. But, as I said yesterday I just need to work my butt off and get going with it!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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