Donations greatly received;

Pardon my french jumper / Snood / Bangles / Sequin collar top / Cream shoe boots / Greek dress / Pink jumper / Grey trousers / Black red soles.

So, here we are again. After doing my Summer wishlist, early in the year with this blog post, I thought I should do one for the A/W that is turning up all too quickly. This took me hours of roaming the internet and I think everything on it is pretty awesome. I love the red soles rock shoes in the bottom right hand corner, and the bagles at the top. They are super cheap! I also love the moustache jumper from Forever 21 (my new favourite shop)! I do need to find some sensible boots for the Winter, only trouble is that I want a heel on them for a change. I have flat boots, and I just fancy being a bit more dressy. Anyone know anywhere?? I don’t mind if they’re wedges or heels. Either is cool.

I have lots and lots to do today, but I am already organising my blog for tomorrow. It’s rather exciting :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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